First blog post

Gerri and Cindy met at OC Agility practice. They soon discovered a mutual love for working stock dogs and a partnership soon began!

Both working with Lynn Leach and Kristin Thomson, they traveled to Hope, B.C. to get more experience under their belts. As they returned back to the Edmonton area, they realized that there were not many existing opportunities to learn or practice the sport of herding, so they created Paws in the Pasture.

Their goal is to provide safe herding instruction and practice for those savvy dog owners in the metropolitan area. Gerri and Cindy have gathered resources and have begun a series of clinics on both cattle and sheep, to get you and your dog to the next stage. Whether you are interested in competition or just having some fun, Paws in the Pasture is for you!

To learn more, please visit our contact form and we will get right back to you!

Stay tuned for more posts about herding.

See you soon!

Cindy and Gerri

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